25.09.20 Exhibition at Toolo-library"
20.02.18 Iloiset miehet"-exhibition"
12.05.16 2015-paintings (NEW!!) -->
09.02.15 2014-paintings -->
14.09.14 Charcoal-series --->
07.04.14 Nucleus-paintings --->
15.10.13 Helsinki-series in DRAWINGS --->
08.10.13 LongStrip in COMIX --->
13.09.13 More stuff in ILLUSTRATIONS --->
05.09.13 Some recent works under FANTASY --->

Antti Silvekoski (b.1973) is finnish visual-artist
living in Helsinki, Finland.

He has studied in Lahti Academy of Fine Arts
(Taideinstituutti, 1997-2001) and has hold several
solo- and joint-exhibitions.

Silvekoski's media are mainly acrylic painting, drawing
and paper-mache-sculpture. His art represents unique
colourful surreal and fantastic visions, sometimes
spiced up with strange humour.

Silvekoski is also a talented draughtsman and from time
to time stumbles in world of comics. He also does music
under the name SUOHUMALA and is part of the
liquid-light-show-group VALOVIRHEE.